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Name: Electric Paint Spray Machine
Optional Color: Blue, Green
Material: Plastic 
Paint Supply Method: Suction Type
Input voltage: 220-240V
Power: 400W
Nozzle Caliber: 2.5mm
Spraying Speed: 150cc/min
Container Capacity: 800mL
Plug: EU ( We will sent with an adapter according to your country )
Size: 255×280(L*H)
1. Made of high quality material, strong and durable.
2. Ergonomically designed power switch is safer and more convenient.
3. Spraying angle adjustable, flow adjustable, spraying speed adjustable, easy to use.
4. Applicable paints, oil paint, acrylic paint, water base paint, diluted paint, etc.
5. Applicable to furniture, walls, fences, automobiles, machinery, DIY spray paint, etc.
Package Included:
1 x Electric Paint Spray Machine
1 x Viscosity Measuring Cup
1 x Instructions Manual

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