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1. 360° dimensional atomization, 2 caliber nozzle,resistant to high pressure, even and delicate.

2. 1000cc capacity sprayer,ffectively reduce the number of coating, improve work efficiency.
3 Can be used in powder paint: such as metal paint, imitation copper paint and other spray paint.

4. High atomization, Low energy consumption.


Brand Name: FUJIWARA

Cup Volume: 1000cc

Model Number: FUJ-PQ-003

Type: HVLP

Power Type: Pneumatic

Application: Paint Spray Guns

Usage: Home DIY

Nozzle Diameter: 2.0mm

Feed Type: Siphon

Weight: 0.78kg

Size: 17 x 11 x 30mm

DIY Supplies: Paint & Decorating

Package Included:

1 x Pneumatic Spray Guns

1 x Mini Brush

1 x Wrench

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